Should The City Of Sarasota Impound Pile Driver Like Stereos?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarasota Dropped The Ball Who Will Pick It Up & Run With It?

Sarasota city was one of the few cities In Florida to pass a  loud car stereo law that called for impounding the offenders vehicle for a  first time offense and that would have worked until the ACLU brought a law suit against the city for civil rights violation. Albeit  the law is somewhat flawed because it targets everyone not just the Pile Driving systems. By no means does it target minorities and the poor as you can see by the videos of the owners on youtube, they are anything but poor like a Sarasota councilman is quotes as saying int the video below. Anyhow  the ACLU suit is pending and is scheduled to be challenged in court this year, meanwhile the city decided that rather than risk more suits they would lift the impound ordinance, that was a big mistake, because the boom booms are all over  the city especially in the drug infested neighborhood known as Newtown. Interesting to note the Sarasota PD website still has the impound law on it! See Also Interesting to note the same law is in effect in Peoria Ill. andt the town of Brooksville Florida passed a similar impound law and to date has yet to  back down on it because of threat of a lawsuit, something to ponder.  Why do we need to do something about this you may ask, well you can ask the parents of the kid who got killed in the auto accident caused by having this system or the motorist who was innocently killed because of the distracted youth or the parents of  the little girl who died in the back of an ambulance that couldn’t get to the hospital on time because of the boom car idiots impeding it. I could go on and on, but if you are just as fed up as I am about this, then visit the links above, locally you can send this op-ed letter to the editor and of course sign the petition to the U.S. congress

Here is an example of what Sarasota may come to in the future if their is no crackdown!

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