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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Your Car Washed Today!

"At the car wash get your car washed today, those cars never seems to stop comin Keep those rags and machines hummin."  Those are some of the words from a 1970's song by Rose Royce "Car Wash. Yes those cars never seem to stop coming, and the machines referred to in the song, are the brushes and detergent dispensers. Federal laws both in the U.S. and Canada require car wash facilities to treat their waste water before it goes out into bodies of water. So what's the problem then? The problem is that there is no law that requires them to use eco-friend soaps and detergents, and of course they gotta have that new car smell, and guess what that new car smell is magically created with.. magical fragrance that is sold in large quantities. The problem is that just like the witchs brew many people wearing different fragrances from cologne, perfume and personal care products create, (see my earlier fragrance vent) it not only stinks up the place, but multiply this by the thousands upon thousands of car wash facilities in the world and you see what a nightmare they pose. Recently I rented a storage space next to a carwash and I couldn't stand being there because of the chemicals in the suds and fragrance, it was a real nightmare, ask anyone with sensitivities what that's like and they will tell you that it's horrible.  The next time you have the desire to take your car to be washed either take it to a place that uses biodegradable suds and no fragrance I.E. new car smell or just wash it yourself with some biodegradable soap and water!

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