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Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad Idea With Good Intentions

You see them everywhere you go, lit unfinished cigarettes discarded by addicted smokers who could care less if they litter or expose non-smokers to the poisons contained in the smoke. Several companies in their infinite wisdom have come up with a solution to that problem and have created a huge ashtray if you will, to solve the growing problem.
Some are called something like Smoking Oasis, if you live in the South you have seen them in front of stores and even libraries! If you haven't it's this contraption that smokers put their supposed extinguished cigarette in, the problem is that like with any ashtray unless you extinguish the cigarette before placing it in the ashtray, the cigarette continues to burn. So if you take a place that is frequented by smokers you can have like let's say 20-30 lit cigs deposited in the container, and the worst part is, the average one takes at least 3 minutes to burn itself out, especially since these containers allow oxygen in and as any grade school child can tell you oxygen is necessary for fire, remove the oxygen and the cig burns out. So the end result  is non-smokers have to breath the smoke coming out of the container, I have seen smoke coming out of these things and I said to myself, that's from one cigarette? No way is that one cigarette, consider this, if a hundred lit butts are deposited in the container in an hour and the average butt takes 3 minutes to extinguish simple math tells you that 100x3=300 mins.= 5 hours and that means that it will take at least 5 hours for the perpetual smoke to clear, there is no way this is a benefit, I say keep it yourself, this is a bad invention, a bad idea and in the long run it ads to the second hand smoke we all are already breathing. Oasis, yeah for smokers for the rest of us with Asthma COPD or other lung related diseases, a virtual nightmare!
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