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Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Online Support Group For Highly Sensitive People

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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues indoor air quality policy for all CDC offices nationwide

"This is arguably the strongest and most important chemical-free and fragrance-free policy in existence for the workplace."

"The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services, recently issued a policy on indoor air quality that will affect all CDC offices (owned, leased and rented) and more than 15,000 employees nationwide. Among a host of indoor air quality standards, the policy includes specific guidelines restricting the use of fragrance in cleaning and personal care products." What took them so long?

"Workers, those person who work in CDC facilities regardless of their employer, including employees, contract workers, guest workers, and others."

This is Huge!!!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Stink up the air with your poisoned detergent!

There is nothing worse than wanting to take a walk outside and the air is stinking of detergent! What the hell is wrong with people that they have to stink up the air with these chemical fragrances? My god is the air not fragrant enough for them? Keep your stinking detergents laden with poisonous fragrances to your damned self! I don't want to breath, smell it, it's poison and you are poisoning me and the environment, it's disgusting and you should just keep the odor confined to your space! This may seem harsh,but so is breathing these toxins something to think about don't you think?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Your Car Washed Today!

"At the car wash get your car washed today, those cars never seems to stop comin Keep those rags and machines hummin."  Those are some of the words from a 1970's song by Rose Royce "Car Wash. Yes those cars never seem to stop coming, and the machines referred to in the song, are the brushes and detergent dispensers. Federal laws both in the U.S. and Canada require car wash facilities to treat their waste water before it goes out into bodies of water. So what's the problem then? The problem is that there is no law that requires them to use eco-friend soaps and detergents, and of course they gotta have that new car smell, and guess what that new car smell is magically created with.. magical fragrance that is sold in large quantities. The problem is that just like the witchs brew many people wearing different fragrances from cologne, perfume and personal care products create, (see my earlier fragrance vent) it not only stinks up the place, but multiply this by the thousands upon thousands of car wash facilities in the world and you see what a nightmare they pose. Recently I rented a storage space next to a carwash and I couldn't stand being there because of the chemicals in the suds and fragrance, it was a real nightmare, ask anyone with sensitivities what that's like and they will tell you that it's horrible.  The next time you have the desire to take your car to be washed either take it to a place that uses biodegradable suds and no fragrance I.E. new car smell or just wash it yourself with some biodegradable soap and water!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your fragrance is intoxicating!

Ahh the stench of chemical fragrances, if there is anything next to smoking that people can't seem to keep to themselves, is their damned fragrance products, I am sick and tired, sick being the operative word, of having to breathe others crap fragrances in public places. Most people don't realize that these fragranced products, either cologne or perfume , personal care products for that matter are filled with toxic chemicals. The same applies to household products like laundry detergent and cleansers The fact is that the U.S. E.P.A. did a study on the toxicity of indoor air pollution and it's actually worse than most outdoor air pollution!
The reason is that most fragrances contain thousands of chemicals and when there are enough people applying and wearing various fragranced products it's a veritable witch's brew! Most people only give a damn about how they smell, not how it affects others around them, people like myself care about both, and that's why I only wear essential oils that make me and everyone around them feel good!
Next time you put on that cologne, perfume or body spray think about that! Most people are one breath away from being a canary. If it's toxic and makes people sick then keep it to yourself!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Senseless Census

This is something I just can't keep to myself, I just caught the ad on the Super bowl for the 2010 census. I don' know if the government gets a break for the cost of the commercial, but a 30 second spot on the Super Bowl goes for 3-4 million. I have to say it, we hear about how poor the economy is and how in debt the country is, so why the hell are we spending millions to find out how many more damn people we have in this country, it's overpopulated and unless the findings are going to do something about that, then why waste the money we don't have? Some argue so that services can be provided for those in need, well they don't count the homeless  because they just don't know where they all live! It's just another excuse to spend the Americans money. So much for change in government! Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad Idea With Good Intentions

You see them everywhere you go, lit unfinished cigarettes discarded by addicted smokers who could care less if they litter or expose non-smokers to the poisons contained in the smoke. Several companies in their infinite wisdom have come up with a solution to that problem and have created a huge ashtray if you will, to solve the growing problem.
Some are called something like Smoking Oasis, if you live in the South you have seen them in front of stores and even libraries! If you haven't it's this contraption that smokers put their supposed extinguished cigarette in, the problem is that like with any ashtray unless you extinguish the cigarette before placing it in the ashtray, the cigarette continues to burn. So if you take a place that is frequented by smokers you can have like let's say 20-30 lit cigs deposited in the container, and the worst part is, the average one takes at least 3 minutes to burn itself out, especially since these containers allow oxygen in and as any grade school child can tell you oxygen is necessary for fire, remove the oxygen and the cig burns out. So the end result  is non-smokers have to breath the smoke coming out of the container, I have seen smoke coming out of these things and I said to myself, that's from one cigarette? No way is that one cigarette, consider this, if a hundred lit butts are deposited in the container in an hour and the average butt takes 3 minutes to extinguish simple math tells you that 100x3=300 mins.= 5 hours and that means that it will take at least 5 hours for the perpetual smoke to clear, there is no way this is a benefit, I say keep it yourself, this is a bad invention, a bad idea and in the long run it ads to the second hand smoke we all are already breathing. Oasis, yeah for smokers for the rest of us with Asthma COPD or other lung related diseases, a virtual nightmare!
 What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Screaming Brats just another one of those things?

If you have never had to live next door to screaming brats consider yourself lucky! I am presently living next door to a family that I am treated to at least 3 times a week, either in their driveway or on the street a child screaming at the top of her lungs bloody murder as if she is being tortured or attacked, she shouts and cries, but she is not being harmed, she just does this to get attention and it’s her way of protesting when she doesn’t get her way! Why is it that the rest of society has to put up with this obvious result of bad parenting? You know it is because she is one of 5 children who have 5 fathers, you figure it out. This is truly a shame and is just another one of those things they just can’t keep to themselves. I get advice like “get some good earplugs”, but I don’t like wearing those and shouldn’t have to suffer because of their lack of self control! While searching for some solutions I came across these hits, nice to know I"m not alone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vroom Vroom Vroom

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom, all day and night, that’s what we are hearing here in a state that has a well defined law about altering exhaust pipes, yet you can go to any muffler shop and buy these illegal “modifiers” annoying is putting it mildly, in a region that is already plagued with booming car stereos(see earlier posts) we also have to put up with this incessant vroom from street racers and motorcycles, yes I said street racers, all you have to do is take one look at these monsters and you can see they clearly belong on a race track not a county road. Is law enforcement doing anything about this, hell if I know, they damn well should be, because these are reckless drivers who not only are noise makers, but they are endangering law abiding citizens on the streets and highways, it’s truly a mad mad mad world!

While the video below is not current and did not occur in where I live, it's a strong example of what can happen at least with the the racing motorcycles.

Please note if you live in Sarasota County 
The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office has established 365-TAGS (8247) as a driving infraction hotline.  All unsafe driving practices such as speeding, reckless driving, careless driving and other moving violations should be reported to this hotline. However, drunk drivers or vehicle crashes should be reported to 9-1-1 directly.  Callers will be asked to leave a detailed message of the infraction along with a vehicle description and a license plate number.  A letter will be sent from the Sheriff's Office to the registered owner of the vehicle stating the date, time, location and the nature of the infraction.

Sarasota Dropped The Ball Who Will Pick It Up & Run With It?

Sarasota city was one of the few cities In Florida to pass a  loud car stereo law that called for impounding the offenders vehicle for a  first time offense and that would have worked until the ACLU brought a law suit against the city for civil rights violation. Albeit  the law is somewhat flawed because it targets everyone not just the Pile Driving systems. By no means does it target minorities and the poor as you can see by the videos of the owners on youtube, they are anything but poor like a Sarasota councilman is quotes as saying int the video below. Anyhow  the ACLU suit is pending and is scheduled to be challenged in court this year, meanwhile the city decided that rather than risk more suits they would lift the impound ordinance, that was a big mistake, because the boom booms are all over  the city especially in the drug infested neighborhood known as Newtown. Interesting to note the Sarasota PD website still has the impound law on it! See Also Interesting to note the same law is in effect in Peoria Ill. andt the town of Brooksville Florida passed a similar impound law and to date has yet to  back down on it because of threat of a lawsuit, something to ponder.  Why do we need to do something about this you may ask, well you can ask the parents of the kid who got killed in the auto accident caused by having this system or the motorist who was innocently killed because of the distracted youth or the parents of  the little girl who died in the back of an ambulance that couldn’t get to the hospital on time because of the boom car idiots impeding it. I could go on and on, but if you are just as fed up as I am about this, then visit the links above, locally you can send this op-ed letter to the editor and of course sign the petition to the U.S. congress

Here is an example of what Sarasota may come to in the future if their is no crackdown!

Brazen Bass Head

Bass Head Boasts about how he doesn't like the new impound law in Sarasota and videotapes himself breaking it!
The proliferation of these so-called sound systems are so bad, you will see google ads on the videos from time time, please understand, I have no control over the adverts in these videos, feel free to complain to google about their poor taste in sponsors  ;)

Pay close attention to the video, as you will see it's the same guy in this news story.

Bass Heads Just Can't Keep It To Themselves!

Thumping Bumping Cars and Houses, you know the ones I'm talking about, the kind of bass that can knock the fillings in your teeth out of your mouth. Pile driving cars, driving around at all hours with stupid moronic, clueless youth, who either love the attention they get or do it to piss everyone off. If you’re like me and have had to put up with this crap for 7 years, then head on over to or and see what's being done around the world to combat this insanity. Just yesterday, I was at a gas station here in Sarasota County when some spoiled brat in what looked like a Scion, started cranking the bass so high that the ground was vibrating under my feet and he was clear across the other side of the street. This is not uncommon, in fact some of these systems are so powerful that they can be heard coming for blocks. Makes you wonder what the brains of these drivers look like, they all should be forced to have CAT scans of their brains, it will most likely show that they are slowly turning to mush! There is so much information out there about how this type of very low frequency can destroy healthy cells in the human body. Hearing is usually gone within a few years, lungs have been known to collapse, just search for “Loud Music Lung Collapse” and you will see what I mean. This type of very low frequency not only causes heart palpitations but can contribute to a little known heart disease called “Vibro Accoustic Syndrome” see the article “Feeling The Music Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

What's the deal with this blog?

For some time now, I have wanted to start a blog of interest, a controversial blog that would stimulate as well as captivate my audience; in turn motivate. I have a variety of interests ranging from the mundane everyday normal to the not so paranormal.

Instead, I decided to create a blog that would not only present my own pet peeves, but those of others as well, via posted comments. It would be a place where not only I can vent about my frustration with the insults of the modern world, but so could you. A place where we can share and get things off our chests that we can no longer keep to ourselves. The idea was born some time ago when I decided to write an article about the various things in our world that encroach upon a person’s right to enjoy life. While there are a myriad of things that can do this, there are few that are in our everyday life that we are forced to endure, and I say no more! It’s time to tell these encroachers to “keep it to yourself!” Some would say that these are “necessary evils”. I say, bullshit! They are no more necessary than getting raped or being robbed is and in some cases, many of those people who have been trespassed upon have felt that these trespasses are just that! So, without further delay, I will present my first pet peeve. It’s a toss up between inconsiderate smokers and inconsiderate drivers with pile driving car stereos and loud obnoxious mufflers. Since I have to pick one, for now, I chose the more dangerous of the two.

What is up with these people who smoke in public and think it’s ok to smoke next to someone who is coughing due to their smoking? Are they that arrogant and clueless to not notice that they are making another person uncomfortable. Sure, they say, if you don’t like it, then don’t breathe. Well, I say, keep it to yourself! You no more have the right to force me to breathe your polluted air than I have the right to fart in your face! Sometimes, we just can’t move away like when you are waiting for the bus or standing in line for tickets or any other situation that you are forced to stay put. Albeit, there are considerate smokers. If you just politely ask once, they will put it out. But then there are the assholes like the one who said to my wife and me years ago at a Xmas parade, “It’s a free country, I’ll do what I want!” This was after we politely asked him to put it out.

Well, I like to think that while it’s still a free country, we have the right to breathe unpolluted air and no one has the right to force us to do so. Just keep the damn thing to yourself and if you want to poison yourself that’s your business, but when you poison me and the ones I love, that’s my damn business. I have heard it said that “Your rights end where my fist begins” and I think that should be a rule of thumb. Everyone has a personal space and smoking in front of anyone who protests, including children, is heinous and is grounds for self-defense, especially if you have nowhere to go to defend yourself from the assault of the deadly chemicals. I am thrilled to have recently found an alternative to smoking poisonous cigarettes that hopefully someday will become the norm. Smokers can come back in from the rain and once again be accepted by society as normal people. If you would like to read an article on this recently discovered form of safe smoking, please click on article